what is an l8 risk assessment

All grounds should have legionella Risk Assessment and this must strictly carried out before the protection management is put in place. In large number of cases, the healthy people expose to legionella do not get ill. The age groups of people who usually get sick are above 50. The current or former smoker is also at high risk.

The purpose of the legionella risk assessment

It helps in suggesting the necessary preventive measures that are required in order to stop or sufficiently control the risk from contact to legionella bacteria. L8 risk assessments also permit the person on whom the legal duty falls to show that all the relevant issues and the steps required to avoid or control the risk, have been measured. It also helps people in setting the risk management standards, based upon authorized requirements.

The l8 risk assessment and water risk assessment form and hazards identification and will help you in recognizing and controlling hazards in your workplace. Normally in workplaces, people think that the event occurs due to the mistakes or negligence of employees, but in fact the truth is that most happenings in the workplace happen due to inadequate management controls.